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having fun with painter <3

See, my painting skills ainīt dead! I donīt paint much, but I still do. And itīs getting easier again. Like the emo up and downs. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. That I do have a new version of painter that fits Win XP does help alot, too. Lovely program.

This one was really easygoing. Dear John Frusciante helped me alot with it. Iīm pretty much addicted to his music atm. Itīs been some time since I could dive into + get lost in music so easily. Can listen to it all day and donīt get tired. <3

Who sees a connection to Gabīs calender pic is right, btw, I wonīt deny it. Still have the calender on my wall, itīs too good to get rid of it after just one year, really.

In this I did color my friend Chrisīs outlines (although thereīs not much left of them, I did paint over them a lot ... always hated being exact and stuff ^^). Was stressy at the beginning because I put myself under too much pressure, again. >.< ... to make things perfect, very exact and stuff, you know the prob. Wanting those things I so am not, and trying this always leads to nothing but frustration. So, in the end I decided to kick the habit and do what I do best: My messy style. ^^

I donīt have much of a connection to this one, maybe because itīs not really *mine*, not a usually emo pic (I like that term XD). But I think the result is ok, even more when you think this was my 1st try with the new prog. And Chris likes it, thatīs what matters most.

An experiment. Never thought abstract stuff was something for me. Lifeīs full of surprises. I realized itīs good to carry emotions, after all. OK, thereīre not so many in this pic ... I was trying more on techniques there and was in a rather stable mood. But I think thereīs a nice balance there that I like, cos it was good for me and my often instable mind at that moment. Still is.

So much for now.

PS: Some Frusciante songs that really stick to me atm:
Control, Going Inside, A Firm Kick, Wednesdayīs Song, The Past Recedes, Song to sind when Iīm lonely, Scratches, Leap Your Bar, and maaaany more ^^
23.8.07 08:31