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back for good?

Hello there, Iīm back home. Or am I? My mind isnīt, yet, thatīs how it feels to me. I feel a bit like Hape Kerkeling during the last days of his walk on the Camino - can recomment his book about it, btw. I also left my home to go on a journey, kinda, and it lead me to things and people I didnīt expect ...

Donīt wanna talk much about what happened in the clinic, much is private and better kept to myself, but I can say that these last weeks did help. I got out of a hole I was afraid Iīd stay in forever. I took some steps! Tiny, almost unnoticable for others probably, but huge for me ...

blabla, enough babbling just wanted to say I feel better ^^

Important: House and Heroes started again!!! YAY And I loooove the new episodes. Iīm excited as hell. Guess I canīt leave the web for good after all ...
5.10.07 17:38

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