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called Katja U. also: noizy, kat, Katajak, Gala, moses ...

born and raised in Germany, east side. atm 24 years old. biologically at least

was a student (IT) since the end of 2006. graduaded sucessfully (oh my, Iīm a bachelorette ... wtf). now employed in a job I didnīt want but which was neccesary, and it doesnīt matter since I am too ill to attend it atm. trying to find myself a new direction really


music. although I donīt play any instrument (yet), what I totaly regret ...I adore music. listening everywhere. concerts. yeah. favs atm are: Radiohead, John Frusciante, Dresden Dolls, Deine Lakeien, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos ... and all time: REM

art. I draw and paint, normally when Iīm in the right mood, which isnīt all the time ... I paint emotionally, some people say. they are probably right. I also love watching good art ... I thank the internet for the possibility to see so many good stuff. browse a lot on DA, for the matter ^^

photography. like the things before, I need the right mood. I make photos of everything. pictures help me remember ...

people. yeah, thatīs a weird chap, since Iīm kinda socialphobic also ... but I love and need people. my friends. my family. talking. joking. being there for each other. doing stuff together ... sorry for the stuff I put you through. love you

reading. yeah, Iīm a bookworm at some times. read different stuff. I love H. Hesse. and the HP series. always open for good fanart there ^^

cinemastic stuff. yeah I like movies and series. like watching them with people, or alone. with people is more fun, though. I love House and Lost, and Married with children, and nuuuch more... yeah, Iīm a junkie ^^

many many more things


now, thatīs difficult ... ok, I hate spiders, I really do, and bees (or at least their stings), and paprika. but those arenīt so important. I really hate the many stupidities of mankind, above all the we are superior attitude. and yeah, I donīt like the difficulties one person can have within itīs own mind ... the endless battles within. long story, but guess many people can tell ...


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